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MacPoker.net is the top online poker guide for Mac users and even PC users too, provided to you by a fellow poker player with a love and passion for great poker, Dan. We will provide you with the top recommended mac poker sites per geo location, that way you always will know if the poker room is friendly to your country of residence, such as being US friendly, Canada friendly, Italy friendly, etc. In addition, you will know if the poker mac site is Mac compatible or not, which most if not all will be mac compatible giving the nature of macpoker.net. If for some reason they are not Mac compatible but we felt they deserved a position here due to their reputation, games and quality – within other features we look for in poker sites – then we will provide you with the methods to play these PC only rooms at mac sites.

If spending time to research and test each and everyone of these poker mac sites for service, security, games, quality, bonuses and more, were not enough, macpoker.net will also provide you with top poker news, poker strategies, and fantastic poker promotions, some of which will be exclusive to our visitors only by using our poker links, such as our special bonuses listed on site. Additionally, MacPoker will provide the same type of fantastic and trust-worthy information and reviews for mac casinos – online casino sites that are mac compatible, as well a PC, for real money. These will carry the same valued information such as casino bonuses, promotions, news, reviews and more!

Mac Poker

Playing poker on a mac has been a difficult proposition for online poker players. Historically most sites haven’t supported Mac clients. That changed in early 2006 when Full Tilt Poker released the first fully-downloadable native mac poker software. Now many sites offer compatibility for the growing mac poker world. For instance, the largest online poker site (PokerStars) now offers a full native Mac client for OS X.

In addition to mac site software some software makers are starting to focus on the mac in their development of add-on programs. PokerTracker3 has been promised to be developed in mac format. In addition, Poker Co-Pilot is a new mac-focused program meant to work like a simpler version of PokerTracker. While both programs cost money they are easily worth their cost even for a moderately active poker player.

While this is an uncertain time for the Apple company due to the current state of the economy and the premium model which has thrived for Apple thus far, it is a great time for Apple owners in the poker world. Online poker sites have realized that affluent intelligent mac owners are great customers, and those poker sites have realized it’s worth their while to cater to the mac market and improve the user experience; which compared to before, it is actually now hard to locate poker rooms that are not Mac compatible – however, they are still out there and some of them even being dominate players in the industry, which is why we have taken the time to display the best mac poker rooms for you, saving you time, and mundane research.

Bonuses for Mac Poker Online

Even though we will be taking about this more in depth within our internal pages, we would like to brief the perks of playing poker online, and taking advantage of our special mac poker bonuses. Normally at land-based casinos, you will not be as lucky as to get welcome bonuses or any other perks for that matter, apart from the “free” drinks, which you end up paying tips for a watered down drink anyway. Now, if you do get any better, then hat off to you cause I only see that for high rollers and high stake players getting those perks, celebrities, or just down right lucky. Regardless, this is not that common, and you will always have the inconvenience of travel, expenses, security, and privacy.

Poker online comes with great perks as first time deposit bonuses that match or duplicate your amount for free, they have reload bonuses for each additional deposit you make, perks, VIP treatment, convenience, security, quality, privacy, and not to mention tons of fish for you to win on more cash! Apart from that, you also get promotions, packages, awesome tournaments, multi-tabling opportunities, and more – tons more opportunities to make some money online than you would offline. Unfortunately, with PCs, you will never feel too safe – not because of the poker rooms, but because PCs are so easily hackable, prone to viruses, and tons more, that you are always at risk of losing your money or seat at a table because your computer froze. When playing poker on a Mac, you will never (almost never) encounter these issues, you’ll be able to play some fast mac poker, win some easy money, and enjoy the additional perks of great imagery and graphics that mac computers provide!

Regardless of your computer OS (operating system), you will be able to enjoy the special bonuses we have for you here. All poker rooms will provide welcome bonuses as mentioned before, but, with most of them, we have managed to acquired special treatment right off the bat for our readers and visitors – making the bonuses we display on our site, special – as in exclusive to our Mac Poker Network, and which you can enjoy and take advantage of by simply clicking through our links to your desired poker room. Remember though, you will need to click and/or use the poker and casino bonus codes (if any) we provide in order to be eligible, otherwise, you will only get the standard small bonuses.

If you will join another casino or poker room to try them out, you will again need to click through our links in order to get your special mac poker and mac casino bonuses.

Enjoy your poker and casino games! – Dan.