Black Chip Poker Exodus leaves Mac Players High and Dry

Black Chip Poker made a huge move last month after leaving the Merge Gaming Network for what they deemed greener pastures at the Winning Poker Network (formerly Yatahay). While the exact reason for leaving was never publicly disclosed, one probable explanation is that Winning Poker is serving deposits and cashouts faster than any other US-friendly network out there.

Whatever the case may be, not everybody is “winning” when it comes to this move – namely Mac players! The only way to play at Winning sites is through a Windows (PC) download, and there’s no “Instant Play” option available either. So Mac players are theoretically cut out of the equation at the Winner Network. Taking all of this into account, Black Chip Poker’s recent move has definitely affected one large set of grinders in a negative way.

But even though many Mac users aren’t able to access Black Chip right now, the site has still gained some benefits in other departments. Here’s a quick look at the positives from the Black Chip Poker move along with how Mac players can still enjoy the action here.

Fast Service

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the biggest perks of the Winning Network is that deposits and cashouts are processed extremely quick for a US-friendly operation. The cashouts are especially impressive because some players have been receiving paper checks in less than a week.

This probably comes as a relief to many Black Chip players because their funds were tied up for a month while the site was busy changing networks. But with the move now completed, it appears as if payouts will be coming in faster than ever before.

Increasing Player Traffic

Another benefit to Black Chip Poker’s change is that they’re attached to a rising network. Winning Poker has steadily been moving up the traffic rankings and they’re currently fourth out of eight US-friendly networks. Regarding specific numbers, they average around 365 cash game players per hour, which is fairly close to the Merge Gaming Network (660 players per hour).

With Black Chip now added to their stable of sites, the Winning Poker Network is expected to continue increasing in traffic. Their other major sites include Americas Cardroom, BetCRIS, BetDSI and True Poker.

Playing at PC-Only Rooms

Seeing as how a fair amount of Mac users were left in the dust when Black Chip Poker changed networks, it’s worth discussing some of the options these players have in regard to PC-only rooms. Unbeknownst to some grinders, they can use a Windows emulation program to run Windows software through a non-PC.

Some of the most popular emulation programs include Boot Camp, Parallels and VMware. Boot Camp is a widely-used option because it’s very smooth and efficient when running Windows through a Mac – which can’t always be said of other emulators. However, the downside is that grinders can’t run Windows and Mac OS simultaneously when using Boot Camp.

For this reason, some players opt for either Parallels or VMware since both programs allow you to run Mac OS and Windows at the same time. This is perfect for multi-taskers who want to switch back and forth between operating systems while playing online poker. However, the only downside is that running simultaneous operating systems can slow down your computer. And this leads players to mull over whether they want to sacrifice performance for Mac/Windows multi-tasking.

If you’re wondering how to use Boot Camp, Parallels and/or VMware, make sure to check this article out because it’ll clear everything up.

Skip the Hassles

Any Mac player who’s not attached to Black Chip might just want to avoid the hassle of playing at PC-only rooms. After all, there are still plenty of other Mac-friendly poker sites and networks that offer good promotions and services. Black Chip’s old network, Merge Gaming, is still very popular among Mac grinders because of their large player base, huge tournaments and frequent promos. Plus they offer downloadable software for both Mac and PC players, meaning nobody will miss out on any of the features.

Once again, there are quite a few other networks that make provisions for Mac grinders, which means you should have no trouble finding a quality poker site.